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Beautiful bespoke linens, handmade in England, for the finest yachts to grace the oceans of the world.

Even the most extravagant superyacht is, at heart, a highly personal project. Her owner’s character, taste and sense of style should be evident everywhere on deck and below. With Heirlooms linens, that ideal becomes a reality. Our beautiful bespoke linens, handmade to the client’s exact design and requirements, allow builders and owners to fully realise their designs and dreams, down to the last detail.

Our commitment doesn’t end with the maiden voyage. We keep detailed records of every piece we’ve made for you, including templates of mattresses and tables. So if you need extras, replacements, or a whole new look, you know you can always come back to us, wherever time and tide may lead.

Blending the finest materials, creativity, skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, for discerning clients who demand and expect the very best.


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