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All our fabrics are produced for us in Europe’s finest mills, then shipped directly to our workshops in England to be handmade into whatever you desire.

  • Cotton Sateen

    Simply sumptuous - the finest pure Egyptian cotton, woven to the very highest specification. Sateen’s sheen and softer feel is produced by the weave structure. To achieve a long-lasting, high-quality sheen, the cotton yarn used in all of our sateen fabrics is mercerised to give a permanent soft finish, which is as luxurious as it looks and feels. Available in plain and jacquard woven designs.

  • Cotton Percale

    A percale weave has a thread count of between 800 and 200 threads per inch, and is noticeably tighter than the standard type of weave used for bed-sheets. It has medium weight, and is firm and smooth, with a matt finish giving a cool, crisp feel. All our percales are made with 100% cotton.

  • Pure Linen

    Linen is a natural yarn or fabric made from the fibres of the stalk of the flax plant. It gets softer and softer as it is washed. When linen fabrics are in contact with the skin, the nodes along the length of the fibre absorb perspiration, then swell and release the moisture to the outside air, thus creating a fabric self-cooled by evaporation. This makes linen a popular choice for bedding, particularly in hot climates.

  • Cotton Pique

    Pique refers to a weaving style normally used with cotton yarn, characterised by raised cords and fine ribbing. Additional yarns are woven into the fabric using a jacquard attachment to give texture and added depth to the design, creating a firmer, more durable fabric. Our extensive range of cotton piques are ideal for bedspreads, cushions, luggage mats, laundry bags and accessories.

Blending the finest materials, creativity, skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, for discerning clients who demand and expect the very best.


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