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  • Pesante



    Pure Egyptian Cotton Sateen, available in a wide range of colours and finishing styles.

  • Provenza



    A popular, lightweight linen, available in a wide range of colours and finishing styles. 100% Pure Linen.

  • Loira



    A delicate, lightweight linen in a wide choice of colours and finishing styles. 100% Pure Linen.

  • Pure Irish Linen


    Pure Irish Linen

    This beautiful linen is available in an array of neutral tones and finishing styles, with the option of two weights; 875 and 975. 100% Pure Linen.

  • Normandia and Drako embroidery


    Normandia and Drako embroidery

    A beautiful yarn dyed linen offering truly unique colourings, in an array of shades and tones. Available in all finishing styles. 100% Pure Linen.

  • Canapone



    A heavyweight, durable linen available in an array of colours. It can be used for a variety of our finishing styles, excluding hemstitching due to the weight of the Linen. 100% Pure Linen.

  • Classic Cord


    Classic Cord

    This simple, yet classic piping detail can be used on all our table linens as a contrasting or subtle feature; offered in a variety of colours.

  • Double Piping or Single Piping


    Double Piping or Single Piping

    A variation on the classic cord finishing style, available in a wide range of colours to compliment all table linens.

  • Contrast Hemstitch


    Contrast Hemstitch

    A contemporary touch to a classic design. Can be used on our Pure Egyptian Cotton Sateens or Pure Linens.

  • Lace Insets and Inserts


    Lace Insets and Inserts

    All our laces are available in white or cream and can be used as an insert or inset with a self colour or contrasting border underneath.

  • Contrast Border


    Contrast Border

    A simple, yet effective finishing style, the contrast border can be created from a variety of fabrics. Piping or embrodiery can be added to this design to provide extra detailling. Available on all our Pure Egpytian Cotton Sateens and Pure Linens.

  • Cannes Inset Border


    Cannes Inset Border

    This simple, yet elegant design is available in a range of colours and fabrics with the featured design offering a Cannes Cotton Pique Inset Border.

  • Double Border


    Double Border

    Available on all our fabrics, this design can be used on all table linens as a contrasting feature on napkins and placemats.

  • Antibes



    This classic embroidery design is available on our Pure Egypian Cotton Sateens and Pure Linens with a choice of 1 row, 2 rows or 3 rows, all in an array of embroidery colours.  

  • Bespoke Embroidery


    Bespoke Embroidery

    We now offer a range of small embroidery designs that offer a subtle finish on placemats and napkins. The embroidery is available in both contrasting and complimenting colours.

  • Cannes



    Featured here with bespoke emboridery, Cannes is available as an inset border or base fabric. Cotton Pique fabrics comprise of raised, textured patterns to subtly add depth to any table linens.

  • 1 Row Antibes Options


    1 Row Antibes Options

    This classic embroidery design can be created in a wide range of colours, available with or without a contrast border.

  • 1 Row Antibes with Contrast Border


    1 Row Antibes with Contrast Border

    Napkin and Placemat are both made from 100% Provenza Linen in white with Irish Winter as the border and embroidered in Blue 1161 to create a classic look at any table.

  • 3 Row Antibes


    3 Row Antibes

    Centre: "3 Row Antibes" 100% Provenza Linen in Bolitto, Embroidery in Teal, Mint Green and Aqua, Placemat.

    Right: Hemstitch Inset Border in "Provenza" Bolitto, Napkin.

  • Personalised Antibes


    Personalised Antibes

    Using a simple 1 Row Antibes, any embroidered logo or name can be featured in the corner as a personalised detail. Available on all our Egyptian Cottons and Linens.

  • Baltic



    This neat and stylish motif is available in an assortment of colours, Including our Lurex thread, as shown. Offered on all our Egyptian Cottons and Linens.

  • Dorothy



    This simple polka-dot design is available in a wide variety of colours and can consist of one or two rows of dots, as shown. Obtainable on all our cottons and linens.

  • Houndstooth



    'Houndstooth' is a bespoke embroidery, created from our Houndstooth jacqaurd and designed to match the crockery. Available on all our Egyptian Cottons and Linens. Embroidery offered in a spectrum of colours. 

  • Athens



    This simple embroidery design is utilised as a border in 2 Row and 4 Row, using Lurex threads and is achievable on all our Egyptian Cottons and Linens.

  • Petal



    This beautiful embroidery design is available with or without crystals and comes in an array of shades. Obtainable on all our Cottons and Linens.

  • Stardust



    A truly stunning design full of sparkle, 'Stardust' is available in a wide range of colours and obtainable on all our Egyptian Cottons and Linens.

  • Giselle



    One of our most popular jacquards, Giselle incorporates delicate, interweaving  curls and is available in an array of colours. 570-thread count Egyptian Cotton Sateen.

  • Marrakech



    A beautifully delicate embroidery design in silver lurex. Obtainable on all our Egyptian Cottons and Linens.

  • Milano



    A modern, floral jacquard made from a Cotton and linen mix. Available in cream only.

  • Florestine



    A beautiful, floral jacquard cotton sateen available in an array of colours.

  • Harmony



    An elegant design consisting of interlinking circles to create a sophisticated jacquard. 570-thread count Pure Egyptian Cotton Sateen.

  • Barolo



    An elegant, floral jacquard available in white and cream only. 570-thread count Pure Egyptian Cotton Sateen.

  • Sorrento



    A simple, nautical jacquard involving intertwining rope offered in Napkins and Placemats. Only available in cream or navy. 570-thread count Pure Egyptian Cotton sateen.

  • Grace



    A large, abstract design available in White only. 570-thread count Pure Egyptian Cotton Sateen.

  • Oblungo



    A simple yet effective design shown in gold and silver lurex. Obtainable on all our Egyptian Cottons and Linens.

  • Taupe Collection


    Taupe Collection

    Top Left: "Classic Cord" Panama Napkin in Avorio with Piping in Bronze 932.

    Bottom left: "Provenza" Pure Linen Napkin in Wafer colour with Hemstitch.

    Front Left: "Grace" Cotton and Linen Mix Jacquard Napkin- Only available in white.

    Centre: "3 Row Antibes" 875 Irish Linen Placemat in Natural Linen, with embroidery in Beige 1060.

    Bottom Right: "Milano" Cotton Satin Jacquard, Napkin, Cream.

  • Carmen Collection


    Carmen Collection

    Top Left: "Loira" 95%cotton and 5% linen mix fabric in Speronella colour with cotton piping.

    Left: "3 Row Hemstitch" 100% Normandia Linen in Ossidiana Colour.

    Centre base: "2 Row Antibes", Cotton Satin White, Blue embroidery, Placemat.

    Centre: "1 Row Antibes', Cotton Satin White Blue embroidery, Napkin.

    Right: "Carmen" double layer cotton satin in Grandine colour, with silver Carmen embroidery.         

  • Floral Lace Collection


    Floral Lace Collection

    Centre: "Sorrento Border" Heavy weight Cotton Satin in Cream 301 with Sorrento Navy 307 Jacquard Border.

    Right: "Flower Lace" Cotton Satin in Cream 301 with Silver 204 3cm Border, Piped in Blue 9843 and Floral Lace embroidery in Silver 1011.

  • Athena Gold Collection


    Athena Gold Collection

    Top Left: "Majestic" Classic Plain Napkin in White, with Gold 2 & 4 Lurex Embroidery. 

    Centre: "Sirius" Classic Plain Napkin in Gold 210 with Gold 1070 Embroidery.

    Bottom Centre: "Athens" White Pesante placemat with 4 rows of White and Gold Embroidery.

    Top Right: "Athens" White Pesante napkin with 4 rows of White and Gold Embroidery.

    Bottom Right: "Majestic" Pesante Placemat in White with Gold 2/4 Lurex Embroidery.


  • Terracotta Collection


    Terracotta Collection

    Top Left: "Classic Cord" Classic Plain napkin in Gold 210 with orange piping. 

    Bottom Left: "Piped Contrast Border" Classic Plain napkin with Gold 210 contrast border and terracotta piping.

    Base: "Pesante" heavy weight Cotton Satin placemat with 4cm border in Gold 210 and 1cm Double border in terracotta.  

    Bottom Right: "Pesante" placemat with 3cm border in terracotta and 1cm double border in gold 210.

    Bottom Centre: "Contrast Border" napkin in white with 1.5cm border on Gold 210.

  • Syracuse Collection


    Syracuse Collection

    Centre: "Triple Border" Satin White Placemat with Gold 210 and white borders.

    Right: "Syracuse Corner" Satin White, with Atollo border, piping in gold and embroidery in mint and gold lurex.

  • Syracuse Sun Collection


    Syracuse Sun Collection

    Left: "Syracuse Sun" Satin White with Atollo border, embroidery in Mint and Gold Lurex.

    Centre Base: "Athens" Pesante Placemat, White with 4 rows of Gold Lurex embroidery.

    Top Right: "Athens" Pesante napkin, White with 2 rows of Gold Lurex embroidery.

    Bottom Right: "Vela" 100% Provenza Linen, embroidery in Mint and Gold Lurex.



  • Sovero Collection


    Sovero Collection

    Top Left:  "Canapone" Placemat in white with hemstitching.

    Bottom Left: "Classic Cord", Cotton Satin Napkin in Cream 301 with gold piping.

    Top Right: "3row Piping" Pesante Placemat in Cream 301 with three rows of piping detail in alternating colours.

    Centre Right: "Classic Cord" Cotton Satin Napkin in 301 with antique gold piping.

    Bottom Right: "Loira" 95% cotton and 5% linen mix Napkin in Sovero colour.

    Base: "Canapone" Pure Linen Placemat in Wafer colour.



  • Navy Collection


    Navy Collection

    Left: "Contrast Border", Classic Plain Napkin in White and navy, .

    Centre: "Contrast Corner" Classic Plain placemat in White and Navy..

    Top Right: "3 Row hemstitich" in Provenza napkin in Blunavy.

    Bottom Right: "2 Row Hemstitich" Provenza Linen napkin in White. 

  • Perlage and Ladder Lace Collection


    Perlage and Ladder Lace Collection

    Top Left: "Flora" Satin Jacquard Napkin in Red 348, Hemstitched.

    Left: "Florestine" Satin Jacquard Napkin, Ivory with with Red Piping

    Left: "2 Row Antibes" 100% Linen Napkin in Valenza, embroidery in Ivory.

    Right Back: "Ladder Lace" Satin Navy 307 and Red 288, Napkin.

    Right Front: "Perlage Lace" Satin Cream 201 anf Red 348.

    Bottom Front: "Classic Polka Border" Satin Cream 201 with red piping, Napkin.

  • Diamond Lace Collection


    Diamond Lace Collection

    Top Left: "Provenza" 100% Linen Napkin in Valenza with Hemstitced Border.

    Bottom Left: "Loira" 95% Cotton and 5% Linen Napkin with "Diamond Lace" trim on outer edge.

    Centre Base: "Provenza" 100% Linen Placemat in Valenza with white Contrast Border.  

    Bottom Base: "Loira" 95% Cotton and 5% Linen Placemat with 3row Hemstitch

    Right: "Loira" 100% Linen Napkin with white "Diamond Lace" piping.

  • Eclipse Collection


    Eclipse Collection

    Top Left: "Contrast Border", Cotton Satin Napkin in White with 1.5cm Border in Grey 476.

    Bottom Left: "Contrast Border", Cotton Satin Napkin in White with 1.5cm Border in Black.

    Base: "Double Border" Cotton Satin Placemat in White with 3cm Black Border, 1cm Silver 204 Double Border.

    Right: "Eclipse" Cotton Satin Napkin in White with 4044 Titanium/4070 Carbon Metallic Embroidery.

  • Rope Embroidered Collection


    Rope Embroidered Collection

    Left: "Classic Cord" 100% Provenza Linen napkin in Wafer with White Piping.

    Centre: "Rope" 100% Provenza White placemat with Nocciolina Border, with Beige and Taupe Embroidery.

    Bottom: "Double Border" Satin White napkin with Wafer Double Border.

    Right: 100% Linen Napkins in "Provenza" in 1/2 Bolitto, White with contrast border and Bolitto.


  • Apponyi Collection


    Apponyi Collection

    Top Left: "Appoyni Leaf Border" Satin White, 1079 Green Embroidery.

    Bottom Left: "Appoyni Flower" Satin White, 1079 Green Embroidery. 

    Centre: "Appoyni Leaf Border" Satin White with Gold and Green Embroidery.

    Right: "Appoyni Leaf" Satin White, with Green and Gold Embroidery and Piped on outer edge in Green 98615.

  • Carlton Mosaic Collection


    Carlton Mosaic Collection

    Centre and Left: "Carlton Mosaic" Cotton Satin Placemat in White with Silver 1085 Embroidery.

    Bottom Right: "Scalloped 1 Row" Cotton Satin Napkin in White with Silver 1085 Embroidery.

  • Aquatique and Web Collection


    Aquatique and Web Collection

    Top Left: "Provenza" Napkin in white with "Normandia" border

    Top Right: "Provenza" Napkin in white, with a double border in Flitter and 1 row anitbes embroidery. 

    Centre: "Canapone" Placemat in white with "Aquatique" embroidery

    Bottom Left:  "Normandia" Placemat in Marsiglia , with "web" embroidery

    Bottom Right: Provenza napkin in white  with "Aquatique" embroidery


  • Avignone and String Collection


    Avignone and String Collection

    Top Left: "Irish Linen Damask" Napkin in Oyster white, border in "Metro" embroidery

    Centre left:  "String" placemat in Lecce  with a piped border

    Centre right: "Avignone" Placemat in Lino 1/2 Bolitto with a hemstitched border

    Bottom Left: "Avignone" Napkin in white with a hemstiched border

    Bottom Right: "String" Napkin in Lecce, border in "String" Grosio


  • Alberto Pinto Bakia Collection


    Alberto Pinto Bakia Collection

    Top Right: "Yucca" Placemat in Scandinavia , border in Ocran and Grandine, piping in blue 904.

    Centre Base: "Pesante" Placemat in white ,  embroidered with 1row cord and  "Bahia Feathers" logo . 

    Centre Left: "Pesante" Placemat in white  1row cord with feather embroidery. 

    Bottom Right: "Yucca" Napkin in Scandinavia , piping in 904 Blue, embroidered with "Bahia Feathers" logo 

    Dinner set - Alberto Pinto by Harlequin London.

  • Blossom Collection


    Blossom Collection

    Top Left: White napkin , 2 row embroidery in Metallic gold

    Centre Top: White placemat, 1 row cord embroidery and "Blossom" logo in Metalic gold.

    Centre Base: "Yucca" Placemat in Scandinavia , 2 rows hemstiched in Metallic gold .

    Bottom Left: White napkin, 1 row embroidery cord and "Blossom" logo in Metallic gold 

    Bottom Right: "Yucca" Napkin in Scandinavia , 1 row of hemstitch in Metallic gold

    Dinner set - Bernardaud Capucine & Christofle Jardin D'eden cutlery.

  • Bernarduad Polaris Collection


    Bernarduad Polaris Collection

    Top Right: "Pesante M" Placemat in white, piping flat Leather in Argent 

    Bottom Centre:  "Pesante" Placemat in white, border in "classic Plain" white with"Honeycomb" embroidery

    Top Centre: "Pesante M" Placemat in White, piping in flat Leather Argent. "Polaris" continuous embroidery

    Bottom Left: "Pesante M" Napkin in white, embroidered "Polairs" logo in Platinum.

    Bottom Right: "Classic Plain" Napkin in black with "Honeycomb" embroidery in Platinum & white

    Dinner set - Bernardaud by Harlequin London.

  • Legle Riverage Collection


    Legle Riverage Collection

    Top Left: "Mecurio" Napkin in White with "Vela" embroidery in Metallic gold & Light Orange

    Top Centre: "Mercurio" Napkin in white with contrast border in orange. "Vela" embroidery in Light Orange & Blue

    Top Right: "Provenza" Napkin in white with Riverage leaf embroidery

    Centre: "Canapone" Placemat in white. Piped in Orange and Yellow

    Bottom Left: "Linen 1230" Napkin in Duna, piping in orange and yellow

    Bottom Right: "Linen 1230" Placemat in Duna YD. Piping in orange and yellow.

    Dinner set - Legle by Harlequin London.

  • Flower Lace Collection


    Flower Lace Collection

    Centre Base: "Mecurio" Placemat in White, border in Clacson, piping in Grisaglia 791277. Embroidered with "Flower Lace" logo in Grey.

    Centre: "Florestine" Placemat in Clacson, border in Grisaglia

    Top Right: "Classic Plain" White napkin , "Carlton Mosaic" embroidery in Grey 

    Bottom Left:  Napkin in Grisaglia, piped in Clacson.

    Bottom Right: "Classic Plain" White napkin , piped in Grisaglia & Clacson. Embroidered with "Flower Lace" Grey.

    Ercuis butter dish & Christofle spoon by Harlequin London.

  • Garden Rosa Collection


    Garden Rosa Collection

    Top Right: "Cannes" Placemat in white. Piping in Red on either side of boarder with 1 row embroidery cord in Metallic gold 

    Centre: "Pesante" Placemat in white, border in Rosso, piping in  Turquoise & Pale blue with emboridered "Rosa Canina" logo in Red.

    Bottom Left: "Pesante" Napkin in White, border Rasso. 1 row embroidery cord in Metallic Gold. "Rosa Canina" logo in Red & Metallic Gold

    Bottom Centre: "Essentials" Napkin in Rasso. Piped in Turquoise and Pale Blue "Rosa Bird" logo embroidered in Metallic Gold.

    Bottom Right: "Athens" Napkin in White. 2 row embroidery cord in Metallic Gold

    Dinner set - Fustenberg Emperor's Garden by Harlequin London.

  • Small Coral Collection


    Small Coral Collection

    Top Right: "Pesante" Placemat in white with turquoise coral embroidery

    Centre Base: Placemat in white with a 4cm border piped in flat leather and turquoise coral embroidery

    Centre Right: Napkin in white with a double piped border and 1 row Antibes

    Centre Left: "Pesante" Napkin in white emboridered with coral logo in turquoise

    Bottom Left: "Classic plain" napkin in white with Urchin embroidery in Argent

    Dinner set - Raynaud Cristobal by Harlequin London.

  • Tassel and Web Collection


    Tassel and Web Collection

    Top Left: "Pesante M" Napkin in Albero  with Piana boarder

    Top Right: Napkin in Bianco with 3 row Antibes green, pale greenand Silver green

    Centre:  "Pesante M" Placemat in Bianco with Piana border. Tassle embroidery in Green & opal

    Centre Right: Napkin in Bianco, border in Piana. 1 row cord & tassle embroidery

    Bottom Left: Placemat in Albero with Piana border. 1 row embroidery cord in pale green

    Bottom Right: Placemat in Albero with Piana border. 1 row embroidery cord in pale green

    Dinner set - Raynaud Cristobal by Harlequin London.

  • Madison Honeycomb Set


    Madison Honeycomb Set

    Top Left: "String" napkin in Lecce with 1.5cm border

    Top Right: "Honeycomb Embroidery" napkin in white 1.5cm border embroidery in grey dots in silver

    Bottom: "String" placemat in Lecce 3cm border with piping in cream

    Dinner Set - Madison by Harlequin London


  • Feuille D'or Coupe Collection


    Feuille D'or Coupe Collection

    Top Left: "Yucca" napkin in white with 1 row hemstitch in metallic gold

    Top Right: "Pesante" Napkin in white, 2 row antibes embroidery in Metallic gold

    Centre: "Provenza" napkin in white, Peaberry embroidery in metallic silver & metallic gold

    Bottom: "Pesante" placemat in white embroidery in Metallic gold

    Dinner set - Feuille D'or Coupe by Harlequin London

  • Silver Clover Collection


    Silver Clover Collection

    Top Left: "Florestine" napkin in grisaglia, piped in clacson

    Top Right: "Mercurio" napkin in white, piping in grisaglia and clacson, embroidered with "Flower Lace" logo in grey

    Centre: "Fine" placemat in grisaglia, with 0.5cm piping in clacson

    Bottom Left: "Pesante M" placemat in white, piping in 1cm flat leather in Argent. "Polaris" continuous embroidery in platinum

    Dinner Set - Silver by Harlequin London

  • Voyage en Ikat Collection


    Voyage en Ikat Collection

    Left: "Pesante" Napkin in white with pink piping

    Centre: "Double Piping" napkin in white with lower piping in "Essentials" in Taormina and upper piping in Burgundy

    Right: "Pesante" placemat in white with "2 Row Antibes" embroidery in metallic gold

    Dinner set - Voyage en Ikat by Hermes at Harlequin London

  • Alberto Pinto Collection


    Alberto Pinto Collection

    Left: "Provenza" napkin in white, embroidered with "Elena Shell" logo in gold

    Base: "Canapone" placemat in white with Aquatique embroidery in gold and blue

    Right: "Classic Plain" napkin in white piped in Royal Blue

    Dinner set - Alberto Pinto by Harlequin London

  • Prince Bleu Collection


    Prince Bleu Collection

    Base: "Florestine" placemat in Blunavy

    Left: "Yucca" napkin in white with 1 row hemstitch in metallic gold

    Right: Napkin in Giselle in white with 1 row embroidery cord in Gold.

    Bottom Right: "2 Row Antibes" napkin in white with thin line "2 Row Antibes" embroidery in light blue and dark blue

    Dinner Set - Prince Bleu by Harlequin London

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